Happy 70th Independance Day to all the Indians Around the World

Image Credits: Google India

You could pledge to be a swadeshi pracharak, abstain from indiscriminate plastic and paper usage or opposing class divisions, homophobia, inequality and vip culture in your social surroundings, or just trying to be more well informed about Indian history, foreign policy and current events from all sides of the story.

I feel we should move away from just being enthusiastic nationalists and start contributing more towards socio-cultural and economic evolution & growth.

This Independence I pledge to use public transport more, stop throwing garbage when i can't find a garbage bin and fund making and upkeep of toilets in my locality.

I will also write blogs and encourage people on the virtue of reading books. whenever possible i will try to learn a new word from a language different from my mother tongue and use it in a sentence.

What issue would you want to discuss & build awareness about in your locality ?