I hate Mother’s Day & Every other Special Occasion

I’m talking mother’s day, father’s day, Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, and every other “special occasion” where the purpose is to buy people shit they don’t need so they can feel special for a brief period of time.

I hate it all and I am sick of it. Every single month is some other bullshit that I coerced into buying so I am not socially ostracized. Oh sorry I didn’t bring you a pre written card from Archives just because it’s the same day of the year you were born. Sorry I’m not going out of my way to celebrate a made up occasion for you because you think that validates all of your relationships.

The companies who put all of these events in place really did a phenomenal job in bleeding out the wallets of every tom dick and Harry on a regular basis. I mean it’s every single fucking month, sometimes multiple times per month.

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