Indian Army to deploy Brahmos near North East Border

Image Credits: Wikipedia

India’s move to deploy BrahMos cruise missiles in Arunachal Pradesh as a deterrent against China has provoked a sharp response from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

The supersonic BrahMos cruise missile has excellent dive attack capabilities, and fits in the Sino-Indian border where it’s mostly mountain topography.

World never knew that Chinese missiles and Bullets which are deployed near the Indian border are the ultimate symbol of Peace. Now a days Some Funny P.L.A generals and Chinese politicians have become the symbol’s jokes . They never get tired of giving warnings, which other countries like India ,US , Japan , Vietnam, South Korea ,Taiwan never care for and its strange that they are expecting peace calls for their warning . Keeping calm doesn’t mean India can be taken for granted.

Frequent border transgressions should be stopped and the no firing policy which is included in the peace treaty should be scraped off. When bullets fly’s let’s see how Chinese P.L.A crosses Indian border.

The reason behind the present Indian army buildup near Chinese border is only the response to the Chinese army buildup near Indian borders. So instead of P.L.A giving new definition for the word “Peace” ,they should be probably revisit their Indian policies.

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