2016: Take Control

Haven’t written much lately, so here it goes. I am ending this year with the idea of taking control. In the recent past I've entrusted my decisions to various entities in my life and in time I realised it was an escapist approach. Something I know my core values do not allow me to do. But I was lodged out and away in outer space, floating in a foetal position, oblivious to my own course of path.

I want to think I woke up pretty quick, I am hoping it isn't too late. I am hoping I can stick to my guns and not go back to what was visibly my comfort zone. I woke up with a tear hanging on the side of my cheek, I obviously cried myself to sleep watching a korean soap opera (OKAY, it was My Love From the Star.) As I got up and left for work, I was experiencing a melancholic calm, the zone were after getting punched in the face the pain fades away and a warm sensation takes over, the black eye becomes a part of you.

So the coming year only means one thing for me. Taking control. Taking back what was mine and not being defined by what I am perceived to be. Its time to get that Tattoo, ombre dye my hair and finally catch some stamps on my passport. Don’t hold me back, don’t call me sweety. Never tell me I can’t do it alone. I have and I will.

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