The hunger to satisfy their souls

Millennials thrive on innovation, empowerment, and hunger. The hunger to get more of their lives. Unfortunately, companies offer little to make use of the skills Millenials posses.

Our fathers and grandfathers probably had one job in their lifespan or maybe two max. They always had this notion of job security and a steady paycheck. For them, life was about bringing stability to everything. But things changed with the newer generations, the millennials.

Deloitte published a report in 2016 according to which 66% of the millennials are expected to leave their current job by 2020. …

Literature can be considered as an art in itself

People often roll their eyes whenever I try to portray writers as artists.

They find it hard to digest.

Even on the internet, you can easily find writers and artists being used as two different personas. I think in reality there’s not much difference between visual art and literature, they are very much interlinked.

I am drawing this conclusion because I have a fair share of experience as a painter as well as a writer. I have spent around 8 years as a painter and over a decade as a writer. Almost all my childhood was spent playing with paints…

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It’s not that difficult and it does not consume your weekend

I have an obsession with organizing stuff and putting them in categories.

My Gmail is a prime example of this obsession.

I have more than a couple of Gmail accounts and all of them have been neatly organized. Gmail’s inbuilt feature of categorizing email does help with categorization, but I have seen people around who are not very enthused about keeping their inbox clean.

For example, my wife, her inbox is just flooded with emails from all around the world in just one category: Primary! Ouch.

Finding an email of any particular interest in that pile is literally equivalent to…

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You just cannot neglect the benefits of rising early

I have always been a morning person. Unlike many, I don’t think waking up early is a huge deal.

My father taught me this habit. He always said that waking up early should be a part of your everyday life. Even if you do nothing, you should leave your bed early. It disciplines you.

Out of all the things he taught me, waking up early got hardwired in my routine.

All throughout my college days and as a working professional I have been known as an early riser by my peers.

I will not say I get super productive by…

There are good writers in every genre, don’t miss out by sticking to one genre.

As a child, I was addicted to reading comics, it was all I could think of. But with age, my interests grew and I started reading other fiction and non-fictional novels. Gradually developing interests in other genres too. All this helped me grow in the person I am today.

Giving up the habit of reading one particular genre was the best decision of my youth.

Reading for me has evolved from a source of entertainment to a medium that adds value to my life.

But not everyone is a fan of reading across genres.
I get it.

Reading across genres…

Regular reading makes you a better writer

I have been an avid reader for most of my life.

As a child, I was addicted to reading comic books. My father helped me develop this habit. He used to bring me one comic every week on Friday.

I had new superheroes stories to look forward to every Friday night and this continued for many years. As a kid, I used to be excited to read a new story every weekend, completing the entire comic book in a day or two. And then re-read the entire thing again till the next Friday.

Yeah, childhood was fun.

This reading habit…

I have been writing for a decade now and during this journey, I have tried almost all forms of writing. Be it journalism, blogging, poetry or ghostwriting, you name it and I have done it all.

I am not saying I am proud of it, just satisfied that I have explored every option out there. Having said that, I am now in a position to make an informed decision as to what form of writing suits me. …

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It’s been over 6 years since I completed my college. I have used these years to shape my life the way I wanted and every year has been a new experience.

Frankly, I never enjoyed my life in college. I was bullied, had very few friends and my professors had zero expectations from me. Being an introvert I always had difficulties making new connections or new friends.

The hardships in college prompted me to explore a life where I was not constantly bullied or tortured. Computers and the internet were my saviors. …

Not everyone is a fan of mass marketing. Customers have somewhat developed a dislike for mass marketing emails. For instance, emails which are too generic or do not really connect with them. Customers feel more impressed and attached to a brand which interacts with them personally. Gaining marketing benefits with personalised emails is however a challenge. This challenge led us to explore the world of Email Signatures.

Email signatures have been by far the most under-rated and ignored asset of an email. …

Curatemails is a platform built on top of Email Signatures. It gives a user the ability to drive traffic from their email contacts, targeting them with relevant banners generated from our dashboards.

As a company, Curatemails is focused on harnessing email signatures to drive more traffic to your online assets. By online assets we mean any asset available online including websites, blogs, ebooks, web applications, mobile applications, e-store, podcasts etc. We want to make the process of creating email signatures as simple as drag and drop. …


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