Practicing Happiness to boost your success

everyone faced some kind of failures in their life and i believe these failures give you a lesson which is very necessary to bring you towards the success. I also faced some failures in my life and learnt from them. those people who couldn’t take any lesson from their looses or failures those are the real looser. so facing failure is not a bad thing but can not learn from it is actually a bad or miserable thing.

so i shared here my story when i faced a failure and the outcomes which i got from my intermediate i got first position in my college from that results the expectations of my parents were high so in bachelors level i was afraid that if i will not secure first position than what will happen? because at that time my parents, my teachers and my principles everyone was expecting from me a good score. but when result was out I did not fulfill the expectations of them and that was the day when i truly felt what is failure. everyone was shocked and tont me, what happened kanwal? why ur position is on 2nd number? and i had no answer. i just smile and said them because the other girl deserve that position so she got it.

but i learnt many things from that incident. i learnt how can we face people after failure. how can we stayed positive in the front of the people when they taunt you. at that time i also learnt how can i show kindness.

somehow it was little tough for me to accept it but i went through from it. my parents disappointed from me but than i did better in admission phase and got highest marks in entry test of MBA and was the only girl from prime college who was selected for that program, and it was only happened because i took my failure positively.

after watching the video of Shawn Achor and the steps which he mentioned I decided to practice it. kindness part is practiced by sending massages to friends and gratitude part also follow for some days but these acts really effect your mindset i will carry on in my future IA.

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