it is light to recall it in the ensuing days since the filter option is proffered at the top
CITI Bike Booking flow concept
Johny vino

Firstly, let me put a fact out there about me being quite an admirer of your work, being a Product (UX) guy myself. Evidently, your core understanding of the problem and presenting counter solutions posits your innate love for bringing value and delight through design.

That said, coming from a guy who apprises literature and reading as much as UXD, a successful case study will come about with a lucid understanding of your intention behind each design decision you’ve taken, when the readers read through the document. My two cents on the matter would be to recommend you using easier constructed sentences. In my opinion (not to say I’m perfect, to say the least) would be to state the same sentence like “…If you use the app once, the user’s recall value would see an uptick with every passing day since the filter is placed (or tucked) at the top…”. Study suggests that when the product working is intrinsically quite complex and/or feature-rich, its presentation in simple, coherent words make it go a long way in the users’ headspace.

Hope the suggestion could be of some aid to you in the longer run! :)