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  1. Plasma on Loom Network DAppChains: Scalable DApps With Ethereum-Secured Assets
  2. Practical Plasma (Volume I): Gaming
  3. Plasma Cash Initial Release — Plasma-Backed NFTs Now Available on Loom Network Sidechains 👈

Two months ago, we announced that we were adding Plasma Cash to Loom Network.

Today, we’re proud to release our initial…

Indexing Mysql, Postgres, ElasticSearch

People have been asking us how you build performant social media sites on the blockchain, like DelegateCall or Steemit.

Steemit is the original social network on the blockchain, which uses some functionalities from Reddit and Medium. When we approached DelegateCall, we learned a lot from Steemit and moved forward.


With the upcoming Cocos SDK — game developers can easily integrate with Loom DAppChains for easy development of scalable Blockchain Games.

Update (June 6th 2018): The Cocos SDK for Loom DAppChains is now available for use! 😮

If you are not familiar…

Cocos is one of the BIGGEST and most WIDELY USED game engines in the world — especially in Asia.

For instance, excluding Chinese users, their SDKBOX has 106 million…

Matthew Campbell

Cofounder build scalable blockchain games and social apps on the Loom SDK.

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