The U.S. Promotion/Relegation Manifesto
peter wilt

In your article you mention the problem of meaningless games near the end of the season for teams at the bottom of the league, which is certainly a problem in terms of fan interest. However, I think it should also be mentioned that in leagues with Pro/Rel such as the EPL, there are also plenty of meaningless games for many teams in the middle of the table that are not at risk of relegation nor in contention for a title/champions league spot. I think the MLS playoff system adds a lot of relevance in terms of meaningful games as teams chase playoff qualification and seeding. In fact I would say there are probably less meaningless games for bottom-dwelling teams in MLS than for mid-table EPL teams as typically there are only 2–4 MLS teams who are hopelessly out of reach of the playoffs with something like 4 games remaining in the season. Couldn’t the argument that Pro/Rel would drive interest/revenue by making more games relevant be flipped to propose that a post-season playoff structure would do the same for leagues like the EPL? Is there a good reason why it shouldn’t be considered in those leagues other than the fact that the status quo has been in place for so long?

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