I keep my fingers crossed for TapeWrite and your success :) But one thing I am missing a lot — a…
andrzej jozwik

andrzej jozwik Thanks so much for your response and fingers crossing! We about the feature you’re describing (a very easy recorder and editor for tapes) and it is possible we will do sth like this in the future but for now we need to go step by step with the resources we have at hand. It is great and very important for us to hear from publishers and journalists about what they would consider a useful flow so once gain, thanks for that, such remarks are always welcome and help us to choose the right development path. About the language tagging — we have this feature already if I understand you correctly. You can choose the language of content you want to display by clicking on the little globe next to your profile/search icon (“Listen to content in: dropdown with languages). And accordingly, in the publishing process of the tape you can choose the language of your tape. Many greetings to Poland! ❤

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