I see a lot o people around me with awesome spiritual e mediunic skills and often get frustrated because mine are ridiculous. I know that there are some ways of practicing it to get better at it but it seems to me that I'm getting nowhere. Then I figured out that maybe there is a reason to it. My mom just began to develop those skills, almost unintentionally, as if she was just remembering them. I, on the other hand, am trying too hard, maybe. And I'm kinda stuck.

The other day I met someone for the first time but it was like it wasn't the first time. Then I remembered, somehow, that we met a long time ago, when we both were centurions for the romam empire. And we quite hated each other, more like a rivalry thing — because she told me that we were on the same side.

That reminded me of some other memories I have been putting together these days. Remembrances of stuff I used to do, people I used to know and hang out — some of them I met in this life again. And when you get a glimpse of some of the things you did or some others you probably didn't but was perfectly capable of — and, specially, the weight of the karma you bear for messing with war and genocide — you begin to understand why you don't remember everything and why you can't have marvelous mediunic powers. Maybe I'm not allowed. Maybe there's a lock that keep people from doing stupid dangerous catastrophic things again. Or maybe I'm just broken, I don't know.

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