The place where I put myself in

Is just another way, another approach of this trend called self-responsability. Everything comes from this. And there’s a reason why.

There is no one else out there, the gurus say. Only ourselves. That makes a lotta sense, when it comes to how we create certain scenarios and feed stories about what happens, based on what we carry inside with us, everyday of our lives. And those stories seem to justify how we feel about those particular situations and the way we react.

And that’s not even the main issue. Everytime I feel sad, lonely, angry, rejected, I have all right to do so. Those feelings are real af. And they hurt af too. The issue is, what is it that’s making me feel like this? Is it really that thing that person said or did or is it something that was triggered? What is it, this trigger? The challenge is be aware that this hurt is actually coming from another place, that maybe I don’t even know about, but keeps a lot of feelings and memories that were buried so deeply, but still are inevitably and stealthily provoking all kinds of reactions. The key is to make those connections between what’s really going on, what’s actually still unresolved. Those feelings tend to leave clues — they may be seen as patterns. Things, situations and people that keep coming back from time to time.

Identity and then deal with what I find. The real motive that makes me react as a crazy needy person. Identity all the dots from this thread, following it until where it began. And then, just let it go, make peace with it. Sometimes we think we need those feelings of anger and loneliness — some kind of guarantee, that we’ll be safer behind those walls. But as you come closer to your real self, it keeps getting heavier. Until you realize that you don’t want them anymore. You don’t need them. You can choose to be happy.