Where did you get your professionalism from?

My professional life is rather very personal.
It is to me as much as it is to you. Why is that? As an xpat, I am what I am today thanks to all the experiences that I have had where I come from. You see, the advantage of “starting over” somewhere else, is that you get to choose which piece of luggage you take along and which one you leave behind or drop along the way. Only, when you move, the decision of taking certain clothes or belongings rather than others, remains in fact a short term decision. The sorting out that you do might be based on feelings: this sweatshirt has a sentimental value; I am not leaving it behind. Or on practicality: I am moving to the north pole and I am therefore leaving all of my summer clothes behind. It is an ad hoc decision after all but yet this is where the cycle of taking along or leaving behind starts.
Now, along the way, in this new marvelous or disastrous place, some of those belongings that you brought with you come to use, others seem to not fit at all and you get rid of them, replace them with new ones that fulfill either an earlier existing need or a new one that just got born because of this physical moving. What you meanwhile do is beyond precious, your character is already developping in the way only one of an xpat can; you are ADAPTING. This adaptability is not only geographical, physical or mental, it is a new trait that grows with you as you add new luggage along your new way. That is what makes you curious about the place where you are now, and in time, courageous enough to be curious about where you want to be next. That is a trait that makes me a special professional, I adapt in an organization as I adapt in my new life, I assess where I stand and define in time where I would like to go and what I would like to take with me. I don’t only use my languages but also use my ability to switch between them by the minute without any internal translation: if I speak it then I am thinking it.

So what I have turned into as a professional has everything to do with where I come from as a person, where I have been along the way, and where I am heading to next.

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