Best GPS Tracking Solutions in India

GPS stands for Global Positioning System which determines the precise location of the device and hence of its carrier. A GPS Tracking device is a gadget carried by or attached to a vehicle / a person/anything you want to keep track of. The recorded location is stored in the tracking device and can be obtained on demand from the Central Location Database, or from a computer with internet connection. Location can be traced in real-time or later on when analyzing.

Committed to contributing towards Make In India GPS Champ offers you the incredibly powerful software along with thoroughly tested made in India devices that can be controlled by the mobile app (supported by Android and iOS). Along with the State of Art Architecture and Intuitive User Interface, you will get:

  • Accurate and precise location of your vehicle, assets, kids etc in real time.
  • With Advanced Custom reports for Logic Sensors, Fuel sensors, and Door sensors etc.
  • Integrated camera for Live images from moving vehicles.
  • API access for third party integration.
  • Most advanced IoT Solutions.
  • Software available as SAAS, On-Cloud and On Premises.

How GPS Champ is changing the face of different industries:


Logistics Industry is having an immeasurable impact of GPS Tracking. More than just being a tool to help drivers go from one location to another GPS Technology is playing an important role in the transformation of logistics industry providing efficient tools needed to meet customer’s requirements.

Fleet Management:

With the reduction in costs and improved productivity Fleet Management professionals are making the best use of their assets. Real time vehicle location has increased the operational efficiency.

Employee Management:

Many companies have increased their efficiency by tracking their employees’ locations and activities through GPS. It also helps in compliance with labor law and monitoring over-time. GPS also helps in verification of time records accuracy, implementation of company policy and engagement of employees in the same behavior.

School Bus Tracking:

School Bus Tracking is beneficial for both Parents and School Administration. While parents can track the whereabouts of their kids during to and from school, School administrators can keep an eye on driver behavior and speed of the vehicle.

Asset Tracking:

Your valuable business and personal assets are now safe with GPS tracking features. Supervision of your vehicles, products, and equipment is easier and efficient like never before.

Personal Tracking:

The biggest nightmare of any parent is losing their child. You no longer need to worry about your kids and can keep track of their whereabouts with GPS Tracking devices available as gadgets like watches, wrist bands etc. for kids. Parents can also set up a virtual fence or safe zone for their kids which would warn them if their kids cross that zone.

GPS technology is having a positive impact on people in all fields and social circles.It is relevant to every industry to in one way or another. Obviously, GPS technology is making the world a better place with our controls over tool and equipment and providing us a more secure environment.