Keep yourself engaged in this life.

I wish someone had written to me this 10-15 years back.


Do not play safe.

This is just one life

Don’t be bound by any norms. Please read a lot about people taking risks and starting on their own.

I am sometimes scared but still know that I can pull off something. It’s just that I need to be more disciplined, be more engaged with people, keep learning.

You are still young with out responsibility. Keep yourself engaged in your development. It’s easy now for you as compared to some years later. Don’t leave job like me. But use every bit of your time towards some fulfilment. Don’t live bit by bit. If you like music. Create music and put it on internet. Later you may be able to sell it.

Do something every now and then.

These thoughts came to me as I see people around. Now in the new world everyone needs to be hands-on some technology. You don’t need offices to do something. Internet is a blessing. Use it. Don’t be left behind. Read a lot from,, or any blog which shows how people are living their dreams taking risks.

Please read, learn and take risk. Start something.... Just as small as anything on your computer. An idea from your evolved mind which should be an outcome of your learning, knowledge, thoughts.

Please enroll yourself on,, udacity, udemy and on any learning portal.

Written by

|Blockchain Enthusiast | Lifelong Learner | Want to make this world a happy place. I am on a quest to change norms, attitudes, psyche, prejudices and apathy.

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