My Journal which i might not publish.

I always missed the bus….

Even when I knew it first…..

There are lot of distractions and we have limited time in a day.

Learn and try to limit distraction. Don't look at unnecessary WhatsApp messages.

Focus on what makes you happy, What you like. And then be focussed. Enjoy,relax, have fun but always stay focussed.

Most important....

Stay silent... stay with yourself at least for 5 minutes everyday. It could be even while taking a break from work in daytime. Try not to smoke. You will feel the difference. Not smoking and drinking less Keeps you active, alert and feeling energetic.

Somehow try to get into the best of the best places in your industry and look for help from anyone not only known.

It is painfulful to see yourself reach much lower than your worth at a later stage in life.

Money is not everything but slightly less than everything.

Work on your desires because they are the only things that brings fire and purpose in you.

Desire for anything and everything... money , fame, luxury, comfort, safety, security, adventure, travel, opulence, social help.

Forget what the norms, school,culture, parents, elders taught and imbibe in us.

Written by

|Blockchain Enthusiast | Lifelong Learner | Want to make this world a happy place. I am on a quest to change norms, attitudes, psyche, prejudices and apathy.

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