I always missed the bus….

Even when I knew it first…..

There are lot of distractions and we have limited time in a day.

Learn and try to limit distraction. Don't look at unnecessary WhatsApp messages.

Focus on what makes you happy, What you like. And then be focussed. Enjoy,relax, have fun but always stay focussed.

Most important....

Stay silent... stay with yourself at least for 5 minutes everyday. …

I am no good at typing or even writing. My speed of writing/typing can not keep pace with the birth of my thoughts…like thousand of neurons firing at the same time in different vortex of brain.

I am on a quest to understand this infinite possibility — life. This is not some redundant spiritual knowledge. I wish we were more awake and observant than we are. Articulating your thoughts precisely into something which struck a chord with vast majority of human population is an ART. Humans were not born just to suffer. We are most advanced species as we all know and we are most developed now in our entire history of existence. Our mind is phenomenally advanced now. We are mostly above THE survival mode. Suffering is just a learning experience..that’s it. It can not be your whole life. So i am on this quest to remove as much friction from professional and personal lives of people so that we all can explore many more possibilities in this life before saying Goodbye. …

You won’t get any knowledge from this post. This is my desperate attempt to reach out to people.

There are times when I feel disheartened by the progress I am making in my endeavours

It is very difficult to figure out how to ask for help.

I have learnt this fact from the struggles that I will keep on helping people in need and reduce any sort of friction in their professional or personal life.

What is the difference between showing you a mirror and casting doubt on your ability

I am losing hope for getting into something I started dreaming few years back. I thought it takes courage to break the norms and pursue something which I thought I can dream to pull off. For some time now, I saw myself becoming a consultant helping governments, organisations and people at large transforming to a digital age. I thought I could be part of some think tank after gaining sufficient experience as consultant. I took a break from my difficult life of Sales/private banking and started my journey to learn Blockchain and Machine learning. …

Kapil Bhatnagar

|Blockchain Enthusiast | Lifelong Learner | Want to make this world a happy place. I am on a quest to change norms, attitudes, psyche, prejudices and apathy.

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