4 Benefits of going Paperless

In my previous Article I talked about the “7 Easy steps to go Paperless at work”;

Lets discuss the 4 Benefits of going paperless in PAPERLESS EXPERIMENT.

Going Paperless at office will make your company more efficient and eco-friendly, Data - Secured and Space efficient.

Here are the 4 Benefits when you go paperless :

  1. You Help Reduce Paper Demand : With the use of Paper alternative Digital softwares like camscanner and Linkcards, your team can efficiently take advantage of those digital products and save time, space and hassles for maintaining files and retriving informations in future. Paper are produced from trees, so paper production leads to Deforestation. Hence, less paper demand leads to less paper production, which is beneficial to the Environment.
  2. You Use Less Ink : Ink used in printing contains chemicals, oils, heavy metals, and other substances that are potentially damaging to the environment. The production of ink also uses fossil fuels. These substances are either natural resources which are limited or chemicals which are harmful to the Enviroment and cannot be decomposed.

3. You impact the incidental environmental impact of paper : According to my Research, Packaging and transport of papers contributes to carbon footprints.

4. You reduce rather than recycle : We consider Recycling to be the best method to save the environment. But not all the papers are recycled and not in 100% efficient ways. Also, Recycling the paper requires fossil fuel. Hence, Reducing the paper is the best option to Save the Environment.

Start the PAPERLESS EXPRIMENT TODAY! at your offices as these will take time and effort. Changing the ways we work will change the negative impact on the Environment.

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