Pomodoro, Intentionality and Me.

I was pretty bad with managing my time and keeping focus on one particular task.

I tried many approaches: from maintaining a to-do list, setting up reminders, reading self help books, drinking coffee, trying meditation, listening to music etc.

Nothing worked, Until I met “ Pomodoro technique

In the last one year or so, I have gone better at managing my time. Its primarily because of using a productivity technique called Pomodoro technique.

The idea is pretty simple:

  • You work on one task and only one task for a specific period of time. Usually this time period is somewhere between 20 to 25 mins. (Some call it “dash” too)
  • After 20 mins are over, you take a break for 2–5 minutes.
  • This process is called completing one “pomodoro”.
  • After the break is over, you work on your task again (un-interrupted) for the next 20 mins.
  • You take a break again and repeat this cycle 4–5 times.
  • After you complete 4–5 pomodoros, you take a longer break say for 10–15 minutes.

(Honestly, I haven’t been able to master the last 2 steps, but I have gone pretty good at working on 1–2 un-interrupted tasks for a stretch of 20 mins! That means no Facebook, no email, no chatting, even not attending calls. )

I am so addicted to this technique, that I track most parts of my life using this technique. Even while writing this blog, I am tracking it via pomodoro. Currently. I am at my first pomodoro.

How does it helps:

  1. It helps me focus one task(and, only one task) at a particular instance of time.
  2. It gives me a sense of time. My mind is getting trained to what 20 mins of my life means.
  3. If you do it regularly, you go back and see what you did on a particular hour of a day. It helps in introspection and hopefully you can learn from your mistakes.

545 pomodoros:

  • Ever since I have started tracking this technique since September 2015, I have completed “545” pomodoros.
  • Thats about “10,900 minutes” or “181 hours” or “7.5 days” of un-interrupted focusing.


  1. Flat pomodoro: I would highly recommend using Flat pomodoro app. Not only the design is super intuitive, it has some great analytics on your usage of pomodoro technique.
  2. App also supports “Todoist”, Calendar and Reminders integrations.


  1. One intentional life: This is the best podcast out there. There mission is pretty simple. You have one life and you should live it with intentionally.


Pomodoro graph :

  • Sep’2015 to March’2016

( You can see dip in the month of December during the holiday season)

  • Last 30 days: (I told you, I am getting better at it!)

Heat Maps:

  • For last 30 days: Heat map of my active pomodoro hours mapped to time of the hour and day of the week
  • Heat Map for March: Pretty active in the later half of the day(I am not a morning person)

Pomodoro and Intentionality:

Together with Pomodoro technique and intentionality one can live a purposeful and productive life.

(At the end of writing this blog: I completed 2 pomodoros with one distraction of a phone call from my wife)

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