Moin moin Hamburg,

I am trying to find someone and would be thankful if you could please share this post with your facebook or whatsapp friends.

Some of you might find this post cute, crazy, inappropriate, brave or something else. But then, I am writing this with good intentions and a sense of respect — maybe even risking my online reputation.

I was at the night-long chanting session organized by Ardas Yoga center in Altona on Friday late evening @9pm on 31.3.

There were two girls, maybe my age or bit younger, who joined-in by around midnight. One of them was in a longish white shirt and her really tall friend was in black yoga-wear. They also seemed like first-timers at the center.

It’s about the the girl in white shirt — well, I don’t know her name. We did exchange few light and prolonged glances every now and then — possibly of mutual interest. But, somehow couldn’t go beyond a hasty half-shy ‘hi’ across the doorway. While she was at the center, she carried herself with speckless grace. And then, she left around 4am.

Would be great if you could share this post on your facebook timeline or some whatsapp groups — and make it viral — most certainly she’ll read it. Even iterative sharing with 4–5 close friends privately would help. Maybe, I would thank you and Zuckerberg, some fifty years down the line — who knows! :)

And, to the girl-in-white-shirt, “Let’s step out for a coffee sometime. Would love to know more about you. Drop me a message on facebook or leave a comment below. Would be happy to hear from you.”

Vielen Dank! :)