Don’t discount your weakness.

Blog# 23

Weakness, we all have them.

Traditionally, we are taught to discount our weaknesses and count on the strengths we possess. We are told, it is from those potencies that our occupation finally emerges. We are made to believe that fostering the strengths allow us to defeat our weaknesses. I am not implying that weakness cannot make you weak or allow suffering, of course, it can but it isn’t the weakness that did it, it is how you looked at that weakness, which did. A focus on a particular strength does impact a weakness to demount itself, never defeat. If you note carefully, you will find that a strength refuges our inherent flaws. Or ignores them. The idea of converting the weaknesses into strengths is not by straightway finding ways of eliminating them. It is by living with them and studiously pondering over them. Because deep within the confines of those faint attributes can some of the strongest beliefs take birth and grow. We might never know how the mind converges all the dim looking elements and how your heart could one day establish the link between those elements and beliefs that evolved from the exercise. We all take our strong points seriously; do also take your weak links as earnestly. Once discovered, communicate to yourself and act upon them as judiciously. My conviction and contention are that in a potential weakness, one of your most prized strength could well be seeking a silent refuge. You might discover a treasure inside.