Laravel LTS is a Trap
Jason McCreary

Jason, as technical person, I agree with you. However we could not forget that its business that drives technology and business can’t afford to be on cutting edge technologies.

Here I’m not speaking about simple side projects or projects that need one time development by 2–4 developers but big enterprise products that need 20+ developers working continuously.

This is where Symfony and ZF have edge over laravel. I’m currently working on one ZF1 project (not even ZF2) and product owner is willing to maintain ZF1 (with team having great expertise in ZF1, they can manage it as company framework), if needed. Product is so big that its migration will need 6+ months for 20+ developers. On side note, company is planning to invest (move) on ZF3.

Such business can’t afford 6 month development + 6 months migration specially when stakeholders are pushing hard to provide services for new features/business deals.

Laravel is great but now it is mature enough to target enterprise products and Laravel LTS is first step towards that goal.

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