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Medical benefits are to be provided at no cost to you. The insurance company pays all reasonable medical expenses, such as doctor’s care, physical therapy, medication, glasses, hearing aids, braces, artificial limbs, and mileage to and from the appointment. Non-prescription medicine such as aspirin is not covered.

Your employer, not the carrier, must give you a choice of physician between two designated treating physicians. Whichever clinic you choose will be your “authorized treating physician”. Your employer must give this choice of physician immediately when you tell your employer about your injury. If your employer does not — you have the right to choose the doctor.

Once a doctor is “authorized”, any other doctor that he or she refers you to for care and evaluation is also authorized. The carrier cannot, by law, tell the doctor to whom he or she may or may not send you.

People have many questions regarding medical bills. Often times a medical provider will send you a copy of the bill. This bill shows when you received the care, by code number, what care you received, and what charges are being made. Please give these itemized bills to our office. We send them to the insurance company so that we know they have received them. The doctors are responsible for billing the insurance carriers and working with them on any medical bill questions.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU EVER TO PAY ANY PART OF A MEDICAL BILL FOR AUTHORIZED REASONABLE MEDICAL CARE IF YOU HAVE AN ADMITTED CLAIM. However — if you get medical care that is not recommended or referred by the authorized treating physician — the carrier will not pay for it and you may have to pay for it.

You will get medical care until the doctor places you at Maximum Medical Improvement or MMI. The doctor may also use the term discharge you from care. MMI does not mean you are cured — it only means that the doctor doesn’t know of any more treatment options that will likely improve your condition. In other words additional therapy, rest, injections or surgery will not get you any better. When the Doctor tells you that you are at MMI or will soon be at MMI — notify my office.

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