My Experience at the Forbes Women’s Summit

I was recently a participant at the Forbes Women’s Summit in New York, hosted by Moira Forbes. Interestingly, the theme was “Redefine Power.” It looked closely at the definition of power today, and honed in on the idea that success is no longer measured in just one way. “In order to drive meaningful change in the world today and achieve lasting success, leaders must align their passion and power with a higher purpose,” Forbes said. The Summit brought together women from many walks of industry including business, politics, healthcare, Hollywood and philanthropy to collaborate and drive solutions. Here are some quotes that energized me. I hope they inspire you to continue to find your own definition of success:

Christy Turlington Burns
Founder, Every Mother Counts
“If you doubt yourself, others will doubt you too.”

Samantha Power
U.S Permanent Representative to the United Nations
“Never compare your insides to somebody else’s outsides.”

Greta Van Susteren
Host, On the Road with Greta Van Susteren
“Turn ideas into action.”

Jane Chen
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Embrace
“You can get anything done, if driven by passion and purpose.

Kate Hudson
Actress, Author & Entrepreneur
“You get to a point where you stop listening to the noise and focus on the work.”

Rosie Rios
Treasurer of the United States
“I don’t think things change as much as they evolve.”

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