5 Ways to Make Your Social Media Less In Your Face Right Now That Sort of Worked for Me

Social media is bad for your brain, insecure, gives corporations that repress social movement more power, etc etc etc.

Alternatively: social media is a tool of the youth, social media is a way to connect with people whom you otherwise would have lost touch with years ago, social media allows people to learn shit they never would have known ever in a hundred years, etc etc etc.

Both are right.

Social media for me has been a blessing and a curse, a part of my “self care” and political education, and also a distraction and a soul sucking scrolling abyss.

Theoretically we are all going to get offline and organize, or stop scrolling and step into the streets. In practice I have spent more time on meme pages in the last seven days than I have in maybe six months.

If you have a social media “problem” or use social media for work, like a “meme page admin”, a digital organizer, or have another title or connection to online organizing that I shouldn’t make fun of, try this stuff out.

If these tips work for you don’t tell me about it bc I still can’t get offline. But they should work, kind of.

  1. Turn off notifications on your smart phone.

I never get anything done online ever if my phone is turned on, and my only solace is that my social media notifications are turned off. I have no idea what I would do if my phone was constantly saying “hey this group in Iowa you followed six years ago has something to say about Trump.” Turn it off.

2. Pick times and days to not be on social media and use a tool that isn’t your own willpower to follow through.

Try it for a day: say exactly when and what time you are going to be on social media, then use a tool that is a robot, and has no qualms about cutting you off from baby videos, to actually do that.

3. Call your friend, organize your family, whatever.

Have you ever been online and posted like “and ANOTHER thing about the outrage machine” and then been like “omg I’m part of the outrage machine!” Discomfiting. Text your friends, call your parents, whatever. If you’re mad at someone text them about it. Incredible.

4. Start getting really into security culture.

The hardest thing about most cybersecurity protocols is that it either makes it kind of hard to surf mindlessly online or makes you feel really bad about your current practices. I didn’t really start moving away from FB chat (even though it was ruining my lifeee) until I realized how extremely insecure it was.

5. Drink a lot of coffee and make a to do list.

This is the most effective and also the most physically painful. Shut your computer down. Drink a cup of coffee. Write down everything you have to do and when it’s due. Weep. Repeat.

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