Truly, the souls of men are full of dread

Passionate supporters of the European Union have conducted the debate over Brexit as a moral argument. Opponents of the EU have been painted by some as bigots and hidebound racists. After the election in the United States of Donald Trump, Brexit became a microcosm of the larger discussion about the future of the West and championing the EU became a shorthand way of rejecting so much of what Trump represented. Brexit — which side you stood on it — turned into a test of decency. …

Fidel Castro at the 7th Non-Aligned Movement summit in New Delhi, 1983

Those of us born in relatively free societies have a special obligation today to acknowledge the torment endured by ordinary Cubans during the long reign of Fidel Castro. This acknowledgement must be tempered by another: that Fidel Castro will be vilified today by many sanctimonious Americans (and some Europeans and Brits) not because his rule occasioned repression but because he defied the overlordship of the United States.

Castro created the most efficient healthcare system in Latin America despite a homicidal American embargo. His only military intervention — in Angola — was to aid Africans in their fight to end white…

Kapil Komireddi

Writer & journalist.

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