Millennials are drawn to what they love

Millennials come from a time where everything is a rapid fast change constantly changing. With society ever changing they keep up with the updated trends. The newest iPhone changing, television shows, computer systems, they want to stay up to date with everyone else around them. When it comes to storytelling they want it short and sweet and straight to the point. Reading news articles on the newest celebrity gossip, or the newest sports change they find this everywhere. While older people are watching the same shows on television and watching sports reports for a hour on the news. The Millennials are rarely tuning into prime-time shows they are streaming back and fourth between Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.(Ember,2015) Their attention spans bounce rapidly amongst smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

(Ember,2015) I feel like in previous generations they were more interest in sitting down and reading a news story from the newspaper, watching the prime-time news, listening to everyday news from all over the world. While Millennials they are more into the smartphone, and tablet century of getting news from. They tend not to tune into prime-time, or watch the news. Their storytelling expectations is on the latest gossip in the celebrity world. For instance me personally I never watch the prime-time news, read the newspaper, look at local news shows. I like to go on my phone and look at all my gossip apps and read about what is happening in the celebrity world. This morning I just read about the newest Kardashian scandal. Heading reading “21 Savage calls Tyga out on Stage, Kylie Jenner gets involved”(Smith,2016)

This headline caught my attention because they used the principle of appealing to the audience. They used two of the biggest young adulthood celebrities right now and used the headline as a scandal. That will draw many young adults to want to read the appealing story about the young Kylie Jenner who’s family run the celebrity gossip world. Gossip articles is what interest young teenagers, adults, and even previous generations who are coming to like tabloids. There is many stories everyday that are out there to read. Gossip articles, and tabloids is what catches my attention the most. I chose to read the articles of gossip blogs and like these particular stories because as a young college student in our generation we spend hours reading textbooks about the history of our nation, numerous pages of historical facts that it is draining to read. We go to school for hours a day to come home and read more and watch more of generalized news sometimes is draining. Companies and organizations should appeal to audiences using realistic point of views to catch attention from audiences for their stories. Using things that are relevant right now in societies to have readers connect to these organizations and companies. People want to read stories that they can relate to on a everyday bases. That is what interest people the most things they are knowledgable about, everyday issues that they are facing and how others relate to them. Things that interest them within their age limits. Millennials are forever going with the change of society.

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