Mr.Clean Shows out SuperBowl 2017


Super Bowl commercials are one of the main attractions that people wait for when it comes to the super bowl. These certain commercials make it pleasing to watch the Super Bowl in between media breaks, and plays. Mr.Cleans ads have always been a commercial that is played year in and year out during the super bowl commercials. In this Mr.clean ad it starts off with music and what can be seen as a distressed mother cleaning her household. Then comes in a man that can be seen as a sexy sex symbol cleaning her house as she watches engaging with him. This is a humorous ad and they are targeting house wife’s, with a cleaning product. The ad is identified as soon as the bald headed symbol for Mr.Clean enters the room. The ad uses the story of a tired mom cleaning and the sex symbol of Mr.Clean. How she is tired of cleaning constantly and break away for some fun with Mr.Clean while he cleans and how good the product is cleaning up the messes made. In my Ad I feel like it has a clear point of narrative structure and the rising conflicts, and plots. The ad escalates from the mother being sad about cleaning, to the rising action of Mr.Clean coming in to her enjoying cleaning using the Mr.Clean products. In past Mr.Clean commercials there was no main point or rising climax you could find within the commercial. In a 2014 Mr.Clean commercial there was no plot and no clear target audience. The main factor that made this commercial more successful was having a clear audience and a clear plot to what was happening in the commercial and it made the product more appealing to sell to a target audience. Each year watching the Mr.Clean commercials the commercials continue to improve and get better. I can’t wait to see this 2018 Mr.Clean commercial and how much they have improved.