Cutting off the Meerkat. Twitter do not like, when somebody uses its audience. (was written in May)

From latest SXSW we heard the story about how detonated popular app Meerkat was limited by Twitter in using it’s API. Why Twitter doing that?

The explanation was simple and short: Twitter don’t want to have 3rd party clients. Period. Sometimes we can meet other arguments — Twitter do not like when somebody uses their audience. But really — why?

I mean, those people are still Twitter users, still tweeting and read other tweets, why is that matter to do only through the official Twitter client? Especially, when it comes about useful applications, such as Meerkat?

Note: Meerkat — online streaming service for Twitter users.

So basically, what Meerkat do — is provides helpful technology and you don’t need to register in some new unknown app for having online streaming — this all happening in your good old Twitter! In general, how is that different from what we have today — register via Twitter or Facebook (or many others) on some website, blog and many apps, actually!

This is some kind of riddle we have here, because, I was very curious about this Twitter position and ask about it the one of Business Development Department of Twitter Inc and have heard the same.

The most interesting is that it happened before! Yes, it is. It happened in 2012 with app called Tweet Speaker, that allows you to listen your tweets.

As long as you’re reading this, you probably know who am I and what’s my deal. Yep, we’re making Audaster — app that allows you to listen tweets, tweet via microphone and operate the app with voice control. So, no surprise, that I was very interested in this question before we even started the development.

So, back to the Tweet Speaker. Here is the post of David Barnard, creator of the app. Sad post. But this all true, as David says, The 3rd party ecosystem is what made Twitter, so why Twitter doing this cuts off?!

And here is the link (гиперссылка from David’s post about limitations.

I contact David Barnard to ask, what exactly Twitter guys said to him and here is what I get:

I figure out, maybe there were problems because Tweet Speaker was paid, but probably not.

And so I did. But it wasn’t too hard to get an answer from Big Corporation Guys. I wrote that I developed Audaster, described features and received the answer:

I was quite disappointed and tried the last chance:

And the answer was disappointing:

This all could be very sad for 3rd party developers, but we actually have examples, that Twitter not always so strict with them. Tweetcaster and many more — they all are using audience core of Twitter and the app is very popular (I mean Tweetcaster). There are many examples of this kind clients, but what is more important, there is modest project called The Social Radio!

It provides the same service as it did Tweet Speaker, and as it doing Audaster now. And what? Twitter is not cutting TSR off the API, it successfully exist in iOS, Android and even Desktop versions. Why is The Social Radio chosen?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t reach TSR developers, so for me mystery stays unsolved.

But generally, only one thing that I get from all my researches — you gain 100k users, than you negotiate with Twitter. So, Meerkat couldn’t reach the agreement with Twitter? Or they didn’t have an opportunity?

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