Sharing economy, new world, better place.

San Francisco — the best place in the world. Most expensive place in the world. Mecca for startups and IT specialists.

What could be the most obvious business idea in this cituation?

Shared coliving/coworking/networking place!

And that is how we came out with Coliving Club — hacker place in San Francisco, most growing brand in sharing segment.

First time I met Kirill and Sergey Sopot in April after arriving in SF and looking for place to live. I ran my startup Audaster and searching for place to live took very long time. Due to mutual friend I started to live at first coliving place of “Digital Republic”, so called that days. After two weeks of staying there we decided to open second house together and become partners. So we did. From our partnership Coliving Club chain started.

Today we have 6 locations in San Francisco, planning to open new spots in Silicon Valley (Mountain View or Palo Alto), then — Santa Monica (LA) and so on.

We are providing clean and cosy places in good locations, beds and working spaces and what is most important — networking, networking, networking. IT’s all about it.

Besides, our prices are lowest in the city.

We are moving further — today we are providing sharable bikes, in future will provide sharable cars (offvourse, we already have Uber), I hope. We are creators of the new world, where comfort doesn’t mean that much as achieving goals. Finally every person understands, that surrounding himself with comfortable things, furniture in big houses is not what they rweally need in this life. Excluding comfort from life, person focusing on goals and really meaningful things.

But what is more important in sharing — you don’t own things. You only use things. There is no need to own house, car and other stuff. If you can use it whenever you need, why to own?

After all, you are coming in this world alone and you are leaving it also alone.

That is what sharing economy about. That is what we are doing.

And we fucking proud of ourselves.


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