Ancient Capua April 2019

We inform you that the Kapu core v2 code has finally been completed thanks to the ARK V2 technology and the hard work of the Kapu Team developers.

We remind you that this radical upgrade to the Kapu blockchain has been performed to enjoy a more stable, more efficient and more customizable network.

To all Kapu coin holders: we inform you that the SWAP 1: 1 program will start on March 20, 2019, which will allow the Kapu of the current V1 core to be recognized in the new V2 core.
The time window for swapping will close June 30, 2019.

By the 30th April 2019 making the SWAP you will receive a + 10% Bonus on the value of your wallet.

Here the useful addresses:

Swap Kapu V2


Old Network v1


New Network v2


We started with the V2 necessarily passing for the SWAP phase for security reasons and software and technology upgrades.

It will be possible to transform the old Kapus directly from the section from the link swap.kapu.one.

The wait for all these months of development — not easy, indeed — will be rewarded with a 10% increase in the value of the Kapu owned.

We can assure that we have invested a lot of time and mental, physical, organizational and many economic resources to be able to migrate to v2 version.

We are convinced that the new V2 version will give great satisfaction to the whole community also considering this new historical period (practically almost like December 2017) that is happening in the world of the crypto with Bitcoin that is dragging all the cryptocurrencies.

We are ready to launch the V2 project in this wake, in this wave of optimism and a new life in this market.

We invite you to follow us on our channels.

There will be lots of news and in addition there will be staff in charge that will help you with the swap.

We will be present in Krakow for an international archeology meeting with our archaeologists consultants.

In the coming weeks we will be communicating a calendar of events until December 2019.

New Repository Kapu v2


April 2019

Stay Tuned …. Kapu TEAM