We announce that the exchanges on Livecoin.net

Ancient Capua May 17th 2019 (Santa Maria Capua Vetere)

We announce that the exchanges on Livecoin.net have been reopened
We had the opportunity to add 2 new markets, namely Tron and Dogecoin, in addition to the existing BTC, ETH.

We are tightening new collaborations to design and create a network using blockchain technology to improve transparency and interoperability in the archaeological sector. The goal is to create an inclusive blockchain network that can benefit more members of the archaeological ecosystem in a highly secure shared environment.

Despite the main initiatives to digitize archaeological information, important improvements are still needed in terms of transparency and interoperability between the various groups of the archaeological system. By reducing administrative errors and friction through the application of blockchain technology, archaeological information could be exchanged more efficiently. These improvements, once implemented, could help to create and improve the current situation of cataloging archaeological heritage.

The Team with the new version of Kapu V2 intends to use the blockchain to face a series of challenges in the sector, including the promotion of finds and efficient transaction processing, to allow safe and friction-free exchange of archaeological information and to maintain directories of current and accurate suppliers.

“We are committed to improving the user experience and making our future User Friendly interface more effective through the application of archaeological blockchain technology, we will work to improve data accuracy for suppliers, regulators and other interested parties and we will give our own greater control over their data ”.

In Kapu International, we recognize the importance of driving change that will simplify the archaeological system for all the people of the world “, We consider Blockchain Archeologica as an enabling factor to establish trust. is to remove the obstacles for the creation of a consumer experience with a solution of continuity: with a reliable base based on the new core V2 we will provide, accessibility, transparency and on cryptography, we will provide a faster and safer way to exchange archaeological information for to transform the experience of the world of archeology accessible to anyone “.

“Kapu International is continually exploring how technology and data can improve people’s lives by reducing information fragmentation and connecting parts of the archaeological system”, “We are proud to be part of this cultural and technological revolution focused on improving technical knowledge, on understanding of the ability to generate quality and accessible information “.

“The exclusive attributes of Archaeological Blockchain make it suitable for large networks of members to quickly exchange sensitive data in an authorized, controlled and transparent manner”,
Kapu International is actively working to further define initial use cases for the archaeological data network. The collaboration will add more members to the network in the coming months, including other organizations, service providers, start-ups and technology companies.

The Kapu Team