The Post Penguin World and Free Blogs

An Experiment on Current (Google) SEO Trends

Okay, first, I must admit that I did not quite understand how this would turn out to be. I thought Medium would be something akin to a Wordpress Blog where I would set up my experiment. I see that I have a lot to learn, so I am going to talk about my experiment, instead, and hope some of the other users join in on the conversation.

About the Experiment

Free blogs and sites were always frowned upon for several reasons not the least of them being a distinct disadvantage at getting ranked. A sub-domain could never hope to compete with a keyword rich domain name and how could you possibly fine tune a free service (with limited options) to super optimize it for a first page ranking on Google?

Theoretically, those days are gone. Today, the keyword rich domain is something that webmasters are actually wary of. Is the domain name going to inflate the overall content keyword percentage? What if Google sees this as an effort to keyword spam the entire domain? Brand is in, keyword based domain name is out and we are supposedly in the wonderful world where content and only content determines ranking. Content used to be King - it is the freakin’ Emperor now. Theoretically. Because Google still manages to turn up a lot of trash right on the first page of search results.

As for link building practices, well, this image from sums it up nicely for us:

In Other Words …

Having valuable content is the only thing that should matter to get a site or blog ranked. Yes, I am aware that there will always be a lot more to SEO than just content, but you have to admit, if what you are writing is truly being valued more than it used to be then you do stand a better chance now at ranking than you did before Google rolled out its two fluffy animal angels of Change. So that’s what I decided to see for myself.

I Want to Believe

I am going to spare myself the worry over downtime and MySQL errors and pesky hackers. I will not bother about updating and backing up databases. I will not pay a dime for anything other than my Internet connection. All I’ll do is write. Research and write. Make sure I provide value to my readers. And be confident in the knowledge that with a bit of social networking on my part, readers will come. And when they do, I’ll make sure I give them enough to come back for more. That’s my 2014 resolution in April. A bit late for a new year thing, but what the heck!

Wish Me Luck!

If you should stumble upon this piece of writing, whoever you are, I’d appreciate a kind thought if you cannot be bothered to pause to comment (I don’t yet know how the comment feature works on Medium). I haven’t decided yet, but I think I’ll promote myself as a freelance SEO content writer through a free Wordpress or Blogger blog and see if that gets me a few clients. Or, maybe, I’ll try to sell some fat reducing Clickbank product as an affiliate. I’ll decide in a couple of days and post the blog link here. And hope some of you visit.

Thank you for reading this far.