Sorry kid but you are simply wrong.
Louis Weeks

Hello again. Are you from Columbia? Did you attend Mizzou? Do you know that I was, in no way, involved in the 2015 protests? That I have never demanded a safe space? Do not generalize an entire staff and campus because you turned on the news a few times during those months. We are known for “radical racial unrest” because we had an administration that failed to do their jobs during the time. There are many colleges with racial unrest in America, believe it or not.

As far as my study, I again suggest that you propose and conduct a better one. In no way do I claim to be perfect. In no way have I claimed that this study is perfect. That’s academics. We’re studying. If we knew everything (as you supposedly do) none of us would need to attend universities. I’m not a “kid”, however. I’m a hardworking, lifelong learner from a midwestern town who plans to continue challenging my own beliefs for the rest of my life. I suggest you do the same. Or maybe take a visit the places you judge so righteously.

Note: I made a “new account” because I don’t partake in trolling sessions, therefore I had never used this platform. But I’ll defend my own work, especially in the face of harassment that you claim is being put on you. That’s actually hilarious.