It is funny as hell Dallas, she is now trolling me on other topics crying that I did not give her…
Louis Weeks

Hello, men of the Internet. “Her grad students” speaking. Specifically, I was an undergraduate student doing an independent research study. This was not a thesis. I chose the topic myself, I coded the articles myself, and I compiled this research under the guidance of Dr. Frisby due to her vast experience with the topic. Why did I choose this topic? Allow me to explain….

Since you made assumptions about Dr. Frisby, I will go ahead and make some about you. We probably come from similar backgrounds. I grew up in a rural town of 700 people. Nearly everyone there is a Conservative Republican. Iowa Senator Joni Ernst is from my hometown and a close family friend.

When I began my journalism education at Mizzou, I knew I wanted to expand my knowledge and experiences beyond what I had known. I took a myriad of classes on different topics. Honors, non-honors, electives, etc. And when it came time to earn my final credit, I decided to do a special project for credit rather than take another course. I had always wanted to go into sports broadcasting as a kid, having played four sports all my life, so I decided to take on the topic of Olympic coverage.

The faulty coverage in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics was extremely, extremely obvious. Look at the stark contrast between Gabby Douglas’ fan base between the two Games. Look at coverage of Katie Ledecky and Missy Franklin. But I didn’t get to take that experience and write about it. I gathered hundreds of articles to code (by hand, mind you) instead. I spent long nights doing this, often not finding what I wanted to find.

I learned so much about using framing theory rather than my own confirmation bias. And it was not easy. And now I’m a graduate of MU defending my work, because people like you choose to discount my professor due to stories you “may” have heard about her. I can tell you the way you describe her is not accurate at all, and the entire School of Journalism knows this. I’m assuming you didn’t attend a good academic institution, but rather choose to sit on the Internet and judge people based on subpar articles you read. Which is why I, as a young, white female, realize I may have to back up my fellow author.

I do not know as much about scientific research as Dr. Frisby, but I know a hell of a lot more now. And it’s difficult. I urge you to attempt a research study like this. Maybe you can prove the opposite. Prove our coded research wrong, and then your arguments will be relevant.