#RiverdaleRecap S2 E6: Death Proof

Current aesthetic: auto mechanic Betty.

Ahem, to quote the new Frozen short: “You’re a princess; you don’t have to settle.”

What happened?

The Black Hood doesn’t go after Nick St. Clair after all, as he is not of Riverdale. The Hood instructs Betty to find the identity of the Sugar Man, the main supplier of the Jingle Jangle drugs in town. She enlists the help of Cheryl Blossom to do so, who wrangles the answer out of her mother, who used to tell scary stories of the Sugar Man as a boogeyman to Cheryl and Jason when they were young. Cheryl calls out her mom for not supporting her in pressing charges against Nick and begs to be cared about.

Burn that hush money, ladies.

Jughead and Archie consult FP for advice when the Serpents threaten to join forces with the Goolies after Mayor McCoy declares war on the South Side, and are advised to challenge the Goolies to a drag race over gang turf. Archie throws a wrench in the works by calling the cops, and Sheriff Keller rounds up the Goolies mid-race.

Whatever, the whole concept was worth it for the costumes.

Betty comes clean to Jughead and Veronica about her Black Hood phone dates. Veronica comes clean to her parents about Nick attacking her, and the Lodges vow to no longer do business with the St. Clairs. Upon leaving Riverdale, the St. Clairs tragically end up in a car accident, and Nick is hospitalized. Quel dommage.

Jughead’s favorite teacher at South Side High is arrested as the Sugar Man, and the Black Hood executes him in his cell. Betty warns the Black Hood that she’s coming for his identity next.

And Betty don’t play, y’all.

Okay, but what comic references did you freak out about?

Pickens Park has been a well-referenced Riverdale location in the comics over the years, so it was a real treat to have the gang clean it up as community service for taking Jingle Jangle at that party Nick threw last episode.

Image from here.

Betty has been fixing Archie’s jalopy (and other cars) for decades. Yay finally remembering that this is a thing that she does!

See? Even in the reboot!

I have questions.

I get why Betty hasn’t come clean to Veronica and Jughead before this, but she seems pretty cavalier about telling them everything now after being so concerned about the Hood’s murderous tendencies. At least everyone is on the same page now?

It’s just not right when these two are apart, ok?

Why haven’t we heard about the Sugar Man before now, if he’s such a big deal in the drug world of Riverdale? I would have liked to have had his spectre of a name whispered in a few episodes previous so this reveal would have had more impact.

Cheryl, for example, has been WAY too silent about this obvious childhood trauma.

Since when is Jughead a competent car driver, enough to drive in a drag race? Why did FP think this would be a good idea? Has Jughead secretly been training as a drag racer this entire time off-camera?

I mean, he even has the fingerless gloves for it!

Can we get more Reggie/Josie interaction? I’m really digging their digs, ya feel?



NOT TODAY, CHA CHA. Cheryl Blossom re-enacting Cha Cha’s bit in the drag race scene in Grease: YES. I bet “There Are Worse Things I Could Do” is her personal anthem, and if there’s a musical episode of Riverdale, I fully expect her to sing it.


V FOR VENDETTA. Veronica’s attitude shift about Nick St. Clair in coming clean to her parents, then appearing satisfied when she hears he is grievously injured, is pretty unexpected considering how hard she’s working to not be like her parents. Maybe Dark B and V are both coming out to play this season?

Also, glasses continue to really work for her. More of this!

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. I’ve been feeling pretty ambivalent about Toni in general, but after she tells Jughead she’s not interested in being a rebound (and is generally more interested in girls anyways), I was filled with admiration for her and her confidence. You DO deserve better, babe. (Don’t we all?)

Bare Minimum Twitter this ain’t.