CNA #5

Tesla’s upgraded Autopilot shipping with version 7 software upgrade

Version seven of Tesla’s software was released on Thursday which allows autopilot self-driving capabilities. The new model S now has the ability to help drivers on the highway as well as with parallel parking. This download will take five days to be installed to base Tesla Model S sedans.

Researchers figure out how to silently hack Siri and Google voice search

Researchers in France found a way to make Siri and Google voice respond to commands without actually talking to them. They accomplished this through radio waves as far away from the devices as 16 feet away. These electrical currents are made to be like the user’s voice, thus activating Siri or Google.

Windows Update error forces some users to upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft has been under fire since introducing the Windows 10 update as well as aggressive update policies. Many users are being forced to upgrade from Windows 7 without authorizing the update to Windows 10. This is happening because Windows made an error when offering the update which now forces user to update without their approval.