Denim Leads

Kara Marshall

Descriptive Lead

It was a cool November day; she pulled her wool, cardigan sweater tighter around her body as she walked down Main Street a little one in tow.

This part of town was rich in fashion and she couldn’t help but feel like she did not fit in. Being a fashionable mom took time and money, two things she did not have an abundance of.

Tucking a loose blonde curl behind diamond-studded ears vibrant, green eyes surveyed the mass of people surrounding her. As she made her way around a corner something caught her eye.

A woman, no younger than she, was wearing a simple yet chic outfit she was dying to recreate. The star of the ensemble being the perfectly distressed pair of jeans the woman was wearing.

No holes, light stone washed, just the right amount of distress markings on the thighs; they were perfect.

She just had to know where the woman got them! Approaching the woman, nearly dragging the child with her she excitedly asked, “Where did you get those jeans?”

The woman smiled, it was a question she got asked often. “I got them from Express!” She exclaimed. “They’re mom jeans without looking like mom jeans!”

Quotation Lead

“I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant,” said Catherine Jacobs of the topic of denim.

Denim is a classic and timeless look that has been around for ages and does not look like it is going anywhere anytime soon. There is a style for everyone.

There is the low riding, hip hugging and holy pair for that 20-something sorority girl sitting next to you on the subway.

There is a high waisted, stone washed pair that hides and corrects all of those imperfections pregnancy may have left behind for the mom who still wants to look hip.

There is even a simple pair that comes in a multitude of washes for that fashion aware man. Simple yet attractive, just like the man wearing them.

Question Lead

Wanting ways to repurpose those old jeans taking up space in your dresser? Here are five unique ways you can reuse your denim!

1. Create a DIY denim coaster. Using the hemline of those old jeans you never wear anymore and a few other simple things you can turn those useless jeans into a useful coaster!

2. Create a DIY denim quilt. Send granny your old jeans and let her sew you a quilt made with lots of love.

3. Cut off shorts. Why spend tons of money on jean shorts when you can create your own by cutting off the bottoms of those old jeans you never wear anymore!

4. DIY denim corn hole beanbags. Love family cookouts? Love family games? What better way to repurpose old jeans than to create denim beanbags for a fun game of corn hole!

5. DIY denim floor mat. Reuse those old jeans to create a decorative floor mat for anywhere around your house!

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