On markets there are zillions of shampoos and it’s a quite job to find shampoo that meet your needs. We are writing few criteria on which you can rely for selecting shampoo.

Thin or Fine Hair :

For thin and lightweight hair you should use shampoos with thickening or volumizing formulas to reinforce the thickness of your hair.

Normal/Medium Hair:

If you lucky person to have normal hair, you need to concentrate on preserving your hair health and moisture levels of them.

Curly, Wavy Hair :

For curvy and wavy hair you need proper hydration to soften your strands and maintain curl of your hair. You used shampoo with natural oils to maintain their elasticity.Coarse, Kinky, Curly Hair: For this type of hair you need to take special care to maintain them shiny, strong and healthy. You should use the shampoos with moisturizing ingredients such asglycerin, panthenol or shea butter to keep your hair hydrated with natural luster.

Thick Hair:

Thick hair should be maintained with balanced moisture. To avoid frizzy and unruly look for shampoo with smoothing ingredients like avocado oil, soy protein and macadamia nut oil.These ingredients seal the cuticle, hydrate your hair and control the volume of your hair.

Oily Hair:

Oily hair is caused due to dry scalp. You should use a shampoo which is designed to balance the scalp. You should try shampoos with tea tree oil. il­producing sebaceous glands.

Color­ Treated:

For color treated strands you should clean them shampoo with are specially designed for color ­treated hair such as sulfate ­free shampoos.

Flaky Scalp:

You should treat flaky scalp with medicated shampoo. The flakes are caused due to dandruff so select the anti dandruff shampoo for clarify your scalp and prevent flakes from forming.

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