Death and Initiation

A question has arisen from Maxine Sanders’ post about “Initiating those with Physical Disabilities or Mental Impairments”; specifically, her reference to abattoir workers; butchers; undertakers; and those who work with the Dead.

“As regards those whose main occupation involves the taking of life i.e. Abattoir workers, Butchers, and the like, there is an accepted Occult principle that the “letting of blood” or the “release of life” is one of the most powerful forms of energizing the lowest form of phenomena, something which, in my experience, is not normally desired in Witchcraft circles.
Recognition that “blood letting” can lead to undesired effects on the mind is not confined to the Occult world, as is evidenced by some of the debriefing methods utilised by military psychologists for soldiers returning from combat.
Undertakers; Morticians; and the like, work with the immediate aftermath of death on a regular basis. As such, their aura is exposed to death in all its forms. This is not a denigration of their respected professions; rather it is a recognition that the auric energies they would bring to a fertility-cult based coven are not necessarily compatible. Some covens may disagree, which is fortunate for these type of professionals who may wish to enter the Craft.
The key distinction between professions which deal with death as their main occupation, and those which deal with it from time to time as part of the Life process, is one of ‘vocation’.
For those whose work focuses on the continuation of Life processes, their vocation is compatible with the tenets of a fertility-based Craft. The Dying aspect in this regard is as much a part of the Life process as the Wheel of the Year is to the Craft or indeed as Initiation is itself into the Mystery Cults. Doctors, Nurses; Midwives; Physicians; Clinicians; Health Care Professionals; Hospice Care Workers; Emergency Services Personnel; Paramedics; Fire Fighters; Care Home Workers, and so on, would therefore all fall within this category.
This does not mean, however, that Initiates of a fertility cult cannot enable a dignified death for the dying; or revere, perform a ritual over, or lay out a dead body when appropriate.”
~ Maxine Sanders

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