Response by Maxine to Yvonne Aburrow

“Inclusive Wicca Agenda” a response to James Berry and Yvonne Aburrow’s comments; now removed.

‘When will they realise that Alexandrian Wicca has always been inclusive?

Priest and Priestess — Euleusinian Mysteries

Alex and I were rebels who were vilified by the Gardnerians; we dared to break their rules by initiating homosexual men and women. In fact, we broke and changed several rules that were proven to be controlling in less than spiritual ways; this set us apart from Gardnerian Craft and other traditions of the time. Eventually, we became known as ‘Alexandrian’ not least because we developed the Craft along the lines of Freedom, Consciousness, Worship, and Magic, much to the despair of other traditions. We believed that all are entitled to seek Initiation. This did not mean all were accepted, irrespective of whether they were gay, disabled, whole-bodied, able-bodied, or just different. Much to the annoyance of the Gardnerians, many more were accepted than rejected.

In the Sixties, requests from the disabled were scarce, it was therefore not something we had to consider; it was simply how things were at the time. No doubt, had more come forward, they would have been accepted if they had the right attitude to work in our circle; we were rebels who believed in the beauty of the Individual and and the magic of Witchcraft.

Alexandrian Craft is for those who have a vocation, aptitude, and aspiration to practice the Art of Witchcraft; not all people have the right attitude to work in an Alexandrian Circle.

If a person requests Initiation into non-diluted Alexandrian Craft and are accepted after the usual period of asking questions; they know what to expect. This begs the question why someone would ask for Initiation into a group if they are not properly prepared to accept the group’s way of working, especially given there are so many traditions nowadays who work differently or in ways that are suitable to all who ask regardless of attitude.

Why would any Initiate or group want to be known as ‘Alexandrian’ and yet yearn to change the refinements that make it Alexandrian?

Perhaps they recognise that Alexandrians are true to the Art Magical; that we refuse to dilute our rituals; we do not seek converts; we stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before; and, we do not perform same-sex Initiation.

Yvonne Aburrow, I admire your work. I choose what I read, I can be bothered. I wish you well ~ Maxine

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