Meet the Panorama crew!

Our Product Design team is quickly growing, and we’re looking for Product Designers of all levels to join us in our Boston-based office!

Haven’t heard of us? Panorama Education is a fast growing startup that helps educators understand how students are doing across academics, attendance, behavior, and college readiness, and then plan for action to support each student’s unique needs and circumstances. Today, we reach over 10 million students in the U.S.!

What’s the design team like?

Great design is central to Panorama Education’s product and mission. …

Behind the scenes of my recent, unexpected job search

Sourced from Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash

I quickly learned that there are several articles out there for women in this situation. The content is very practical, straightforward, but to me they lacked personal sentiment. So, I wanted to share my own story in hopes that it might provide someone with a more realistic and unidealized point of view. It’s okay to freak out or be terrified. But remember it’s temporary, and you’ll get through this.

I never thought I’d be laid off.

Let me rewind. After spending nearly nine years working as a product designer in the heart of Silicon Valley—where jobs are bountiful and designers…

What I learned redesigning the Evernote mobile experience, twice!

Redesigns are intense. As the ship date creeps closer and closer, the team is overcome with a whirlwind of emotion. After months of pouring our blood, sweat, and tears into the product, we ask ourselves, “Is it ready?” Is it ever really ready? How will our users react — love, hate, a mix of both? And how do we feel? Fear. Panic. But also, optimism. Euphoria, even.

We’ve reached the finish line.

It’s been just over a month since we publicly unveiled Evernote 8.0 to the world. …

Kara Hodecker

Product Design Manager @Panorama Education in Boston. Prev @Evernote. I’m a momma, RIT New Media Design alum & crossfitter 💪

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