Mera naam karamath Aur mae terrorist nahi hoo

Hello guys this is karamath i hope all are busy on your field works.I Love computer’s i started using it from my 6th class.Initially i started with MS Paint and then MS Office and now iam here.At this moment i feel very intresting topic in computer’s is internet.I love web Technology Recently we have started a site namely which deliver’s the latest tech news as well as some other stuff.One of the reason of writing this article is to generate some traffic to my site and creation of a backlink which is of seo part.Right now i think you are thinking even this guys using business minded no this is one of the reason and another reason is now iam really got rid of all those things doing posting’s,commenting,seo,sharing and etc for my site so thought of get relax and tell you about me so that i can remember my past’s.

Coming to the education part i have done my diploma in computer’s and after completion joind after the enforcement of my parent’s.I really don’t like to study guys.just Byhearting that question and pasting it into the answer sheet labbb….so now i will come to the conclusion part.

You are such a great person that god has given you such patience to read the bio of mine thanks for your patience if you are sitting in home simply without any job i suggest you to go for online earning’s method.Don’t go for any paper click site and some thing other.

The Main tip which i would like to give you is blogging first you start with a and then after you get some confidence then own a site and maintain it.Addict the visitor’s by your content.Group a team. If you still wanna clarification put me a mail about your double to if possible i will clarify you.But after your start up my humble request is to not leave the hope.

why iam telling you for blogging is “Not only earn money from online but also let other’s know your name as a brand mark”

Love you bye!!

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