Tips to stay cool in this hot summer!!

The sun is getting hotter, its time to turn the cool meter on within us.

One feels hot not just because of the rising temperature, it’s equally important to check the humidity. Rising temperature reduces the level of water in our body. Body requirements change in Summer.

Cool Summer tips

  1. What to consume?
  • Fresh fruits
  • Dry fruits
  • Salad or raw vegetables
  • Fresh fruits juices (any water drink,naturals preferred)
  • Hydrate your self with regular intervals

2. What to avoid?

  • Fried food items.
  • heavy dinner.

3. Do you Know?

  • Summer is the best time to reduce weight.
  • one naturally sweats a lot in summer
  • Sweating helps to reduce fats from the body
  • 15 mins exercise in summer = 1 hour of exercise in winter season
  • You are very energetic
  • You are flexible in summer.
  • Coconut water helps to reduce weight.

Stay fit, stay cool and stay energized.

Sorry for bad English. New learner. working towards enhancing my writing skills. Feed back will be highly appreciated.
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