To Give is to Get. A new lesson what life has to teach me.

Today on account of Shani Jayanti or Shani Amavasya. where the two big events occur on the same day i.e. Lord Shani’s birthday and Amavasya (No moon day). I decided to share the joy of day with others. Just wanted to spend the day differently and make it memorable. So putting on the devotional hat on head started spending the day in the devotion of Lord. The day began with normal routine. I offered prayer and visited the temple where I shared food with people who are close to Lord(I believe where there is no joy, luxury or our basic needs, its only hope, and complete reliability on him such are the ones close to Lord. Today There were many movements which taught me to focus on higher goals in life.

Miracles don’t just happen they have to take place.

Someone has to something to bring smile and happiness on depended smiles and eyes who are looking for some hope. I had some stuff which I bought long back when I had gone for shopping some a year back, had thought will share with people but that time never came. So finally today was the time. On my regular route, I often come across Banjara kids, who meet their ends by doing any small work. In the mood to reach office never I saw them nor noticed. Today I suddenly called her and gave a girl’s T-shirt, her eyes had different spark and her face wore a beautiful smile. In fractions of seconds her smile took away my heart.

A way ahead while returning from temple a young man was lying down under the tree off shirt. he seemed some labour. I called him from his sleep ‘dada’ and hand over boy’s T-shirt to him. He looked surprised as if something unexpected thing happened to him.

These two incidences left me with great thought that occurrences has to take place, you have to do something so that something can happen and yes something happened to me today. I have a deeper meaning to life and happy movements in my kitty for the rest of my day.

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