Fight against resistance.

Some things are bad for us and we know that in the depth of our hearts, but how hard we try it comes back again and traps us in its web.

This is something we all know and it has become a part of ourselves, it’s none other than Procrastination.

Even, I’m a procrastinator. It had made my life worse and when it reached the threshold, there was only one choice: to kick it out.

Thanks to Quincy Larson for helping me bring a significant change in my life by recommending ‘The War Of Art’ by Steven Pressfield. I’m currently midway in reading this wonderful book and would like to help anyone who wants to come out of such a situation.

There is a thin line between thinking of becoming something astonishing and being that kind of person. The enemy standing on that boundary is nothing but Resistance, which prevents us from getting our work done. Every one of us has this invisible force inside us. It is fuelled by our fears. Resistance takes a number of forms in our life and the most common being procrastination and addiction to drugs, alcohol, T.V., masturbation, high fat-sugar foods, etc. Feelings of boredom, restlessness and hollowness haunt us. We hate our lives and ourselves.

The war against resistance is one of the most important battles in our lives and we can defeat it.

Steven Pressfield gives the perfect solution for knocking down this monster.

Turn a pro and the monster will fall.

Everybody is a professional in one part of life: Jobs.

The qualities that define ourselves as professionals are:

  1. We show up every day, no matter what happens. Whether it pours heavily or it’s freezing outside, we show up at our jobs because nobody wants to get fired and this is the means of our survival.
  2. We stay all day at our job. Even though our mind might wandering somewhere around the globe, but we stay in chairs all day and continue our work.
  3. We accept something in exchange for our work.
  4. We keeping changing jobs but are committed over the long haul.
  5. We receive praise or criticism for our work.

If we become a professional for the goals in front of us, then resistance doesn’t​ stand a chance and it would definitely get knocked out of our lives.