ISO: The League of Unaffiliated Cultural Imagineers

Storytelling is something that has become a bit of a buzzword, but is also something that is baked into our thinking. …

Radical Imagining — Investing 25% in Learning

I wasn’t aware of Robin DG Kelley’s book Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination when I first heard the term “radical imagining.” I am inspired by the framing that imagination is a powerful tool for transforming society. My hope with this and any future “Radical Imaging” is to be a jumping off point for my own thinking as I continue to take in the books, articles, podcasts, news, and experiences of the people around me.

Everyone is expected to invest at least 25% of their effort in learning. This is a part of the expectations of society. It’s baked in like wearing clothes when you leave your home. …

The Universal Weird

Is it weird that I get excited about Halloween? I’m a fan of costumes (both subtle and bold) and I like to alternate my costumes each year as either making myself uncomfortable or making other people uncomfortable.

One year I dressed up in jeans, sneakers, a baseball jersey and cap, and had a big foam finger. …


Kara Lindstrom

I help people be more effective. Strong believer in the exchange of information in service of serendipitous inspiration.

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