Likely true

Sometimes you find that you’ve spent many snippets of moments, conversations, and quality reading time accumulating evidence for a theory or philosophy you didn’t know you’ve developed. Sometimes this is, or has become, rather conscientious behavior. I do subscribe to the notion that you can do so by accident or by intention, and that often one who’s looking for a pattern will find exactly that. It doesn’t always mean its without truth. I have a few of these philosophies and theories that I’m now fairly convinced are likely true.

I’m bowling you over with my staggering and irrefutable argument.

I’ve decided, as part of my year of creation, to stop referring to them in sporadic sidebars in conversations and actually dump them all down into a place, this place, where others might contribute commentary and evidence to either the “likely” or the “true” sides of these documents.

Stay tuned.

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