Breaking up is hard to do…

Our meeting was coincidence. We just met and started talking. It clicked instantly. I found him interesting and very unique. He also found something good in me, I suppose.

Initial meetings were casual Hi! and Hello! We were exploring the compatibility with each other. Over a period of time, our bonding grew. We went places, together. Whether I was traveling to office, returning home, weekday or weekends, we talked, we met. A few times in office too. Infact, we went to a foreign trip also together.

He asked me for a help with little hesitation. I welcomed the request with open arms. I offered some more help guessing he may need it.
There were more than Hi’s and Hello’s. Over a period of time, the expectations between us grew. Nobody was right or wrong, it is human behavior. When the attention is lost, even a 3 year old kid starts crying. Human being learnt it right at the beginning, feels like. Personal space between us was lost.

As time passed, he started poking me full of complains. I guess he wanted to spend more time with me. For the first couple of time, I understood his situation and we talked. But it became a overhang after a while. I introduced him to bunch of my friends. He thanked me but started nagging and complaining that I have not been sharing my plans, that I have been hanging out with my other friends; though his hanging out with my friends even without me, was perfectly fine with me.

I maintained my calm. He started pinging me every morning and evening. It started bothering me. We talked and decided to mutually part ways on a good note, promising to help and spread positivity without affecting each other.

With that, I hit the Unsubscribe button at one of the Men’s clothing website.