Some conversations last forever…

“Hi!”, he said with a pleasant smile.
“Hi!”, she said, looking in his eyes for a moment and then looking away.
“You are beautiful!”, he complimented.
“Wow! Wasn’t that too fast. You don’t even know me. Thanks, anyways”, she replied shyly.
“Yeah, that was fast. But I don’t know how long we are together”, he said with a blank face.
“But why were you looking upset a moment ago?”, he enquired with a concern.
“And how do you know that?”, she was puzzled.
“I read your face”, he said.
“Then you should also know why I was upset”, she said.
“If I read that also then this beautiful conversation would die without a word”, he said.
“Dialogue taken from which book?”, she giggled.
“Original”, taking his chin up.
“I am impressed but we can’t remain together forever”, she said candidly.
“Don’t ruin the conversation”, he said.
“Embrace the reality”, she said“I am getting down at the next Bus stop.”
He did not respond.
She leaned forward and kissed his forehand. “Take care.” whispered the Louis Vuitton lady handbag to her travel acquaintance — an office bag hanging on shoulders.